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“Legal issues should not be addressed to reason but to lawyers”
R. Lembke

«OURS» Arbitration Law Firm is focused on real needs of its clients in obtaining qualified legal advice. We set our priorities on providing high-quality legal services to persons engaged in business and other economic activities. Most of our cliental base is legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Our firm works mainly with big companies so long as we specialize in cases of high complexity which, in their turn, require a lot of time. Nevertheless, when speaking of “serious business” we mean, first of all, earnestness and responsible attitude and commitment to our work.

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Efficient settlement of urgent legal matters is our customer’s principal requirement and at the same time it is the most important principle of our work. Highly skilled staff enables us to settle competently and on time arguments and legal conflicts of our Clients in accordance with applicable legislation and the legislator’s latest recommendations, to analyze and predict possible development of the situation and elaborate effective strategies for conducting cases taking in consideration the Client’s individual characteristics.

Providing our clients with legal advice and a wide range of services required in each specific case «OURS» Arbitration Law Firm has accumulated a rich experience of settling cases of extremely high complexity that would also need unconventional thinking. Besides, important principles of our work are systematic and comprehensive approach which allow to choose that variant of settlement that will allow to get the most appropriate result to meet demands of our Client’s individuality.

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