«Lex semper dabit remedium» — The law always gives a remedy

Business Support

When helping to realize our Clients’ projects we do not only use all the competence and experience of our highly qualified lawyers, but we also have the ability to attract outsourcers of related specializations - professional market makers, independent appraisers, auditors, experts in taxation, in accounting, etc., which means we can fulfill the tasks we are charged with as efficiently and fully as possible.

Bankruptcy Process

«OURS» Arbitration Law Firm not only implements bankruptcy of businesses or enterprises, but also accompany bankruptcy proceedings initiated against the interests of the Client.

We won’t have difficulties in initiating bankruptcy of an enterprise on the behalf of both debtor and creditor of the bankrupt enterprise. We have a vast positive experience of work on insolvency (bankruptcy), representing cases of:

  • • Prevention of bankruptcy;
  • • Initiation of bankruptcy;
  • Legal support of creditors’ interests in bankruptcy proceedings, including arbitration proceedings in court;
  • Detection of the debtor's property and its return;
  • Contestation of facts of illegal disposal of property in the verge of bankruptcy;
  • Development and implementation of legal mechanisms to protect the interests of the debtor, including the arbitration process in the court;
  • Contestation of illegal decisions of the state structure taken against the debtor;
  • The inclusion of creditor’s demands adduced to the debtor or preparation of objections to them;
  • Discharge of the debtor’s employees, including the head of the debtor;
  • Bringing to subsidiary responsibility.

We also have positive experience in appealing to arbitration court to discharge the administrator from officiating, in case of discovered violations of statutory requirement.