«Choosing the clients, you chose your future»
(Seth Gordon)

OUR Clients

«OURS» Arbitration Law Firm in its practice is focused on meeting the needs of the Client in obtaining qualified legal advice. Preferred direction of Frims activities is providing high-quality legal services to persons engaged in business and other economic activities. Mostly client base of the Firm consists of corporate entities and business owners. In the context of work in the Firm it is mostly about big companies because specialization of our organization is dedicated to matters of high complexity, requiring time-consuming. But speaking about serious business, we mean primarily responsible attitude to our business.

Qualitative and efficient solution of urgent legal issues is the main requirement of the consumers of legal services and at the same time the most important principle of the Firm. In the course of providing our clients with legal advice and providing necessary business services the Firm saved up unique experience in solving difficult cases that require unconventional thinking and approach. Systematic and comprehensive approach is another principle of operation of ‘OURS’ Firm, which allows to choose the most appropriate of all possible solutions that will provide the most appropriate in terms of the result of the customers' wishes.

Timely provision of information about the implementation, high level of technical equipment, as well as quality services offered, allow to create favorable conditions for a long-term and productive cooperation.