«Lex semper dabit remedium» — The law always gives a remedy

Business Support

When helping to realize our Clients’ projects we do not only use all the competence and experience of our highly qualified lawyers, but we also have the ability to attract outsourcers of related specializations - professional market makers, independent appraisers, auditors, experts in taxation, in accounting, etc., which means we can fulfill the tasks we are charged with as efficiently and fully as possible.

Reorganization of business

«OURS» Arbitration Law Firm implements the full range of services for reorganization of corporate entity by means of merger, joining, separation and reformation, beginning with juridical audit of the current activities of the Client and selection of required form of reorganization, finishing with notification of creditors, publication and registration of changes due to reorganization.

Herewith, our organization offers two directions of business reorganization:

  1. Reorganization of a legal entity directly specified by the Customer.
  2. The reorganization of the group companies for the benefit of all of the Client's business.

In the first case, the changes concern the form of incorporation, the ownership structure of organization, its benefits, obligations, capital. In the second case, the changes of the processes of organizations, included in so-called holding are produced.